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Castle Green Wedding Photography | Alexis & Sean

Alexis and Sean had an intimate wedding at the historic Castle Green in Pasadena.   You can just feel the love in the room.  Not only the love between them, but the love for and from their friends & family.   It is no surprise that Alexis & Sean are so loved – they are so fun, down-to-earth, and so very caring of others.  The love for them is also evident as a good portion of their guest flew in for their wedding.

Alexis had two dresses and kept her dresses a secret from everyone!  So I had to be sneaky when I took these pictures to make sure that none of her bridesmaids see her dress.

dress #2

Gorgeous details:


Check out her crazy shoes!  It is a great indication of what to expect at the reception.  😉

flickr alexissean_0007 copy

stripper shoes hers

Can you believe Alexis did her own hair?!


The second dress:

the second dress

The boys walked while Sean skateboarded from their hotel to Castle Green.  I love how much more time boys have compared to girls.

mode of transportation


Castle Green has now been converted to apartments, so the top floors are all occupied by residents.  This antique elevator is still used as the primary way to get residents up and down.  I love it!

dress in antique elevator

After they each got ready, we arranged for their “first look”.  What?  See each other before the wedding?… you may be asking.  Couples who choose to see each other before the wedding actually get to experience a really intimate moment together.  There’s no distraction of walking down the aisle, or worrying about tripping, and there isn’t all those eyeballs on you.  It gives the couple a chance to really soak in the moment and just be in each other’s company.  I get to document their reactions when they see each other for the first time.  I love Sean’s reaction when he saw her for the first time.

first look

Sean trying to hold back his tears of joy.  Alexis immediately turned away as soon as he started to tear – can’t ruin her makeup right before the ceremony!  I was close to tearing as I witnessed the strong love they have for each other, but I couldn’t hold back when I saw Sean tear.

resistance is futile

Look at how much they adore each other!  This moment would be difficult to acheive down the aisle and in front of everyone.  So for any couple who’s considering seeing each other before the ceremony, I highly recommend it.  It will also give you more time for photos.  😉

flickr alexissean_0233 copy


Then Alexis’ god brother, Kanye West, dropped in to say hi.

god brother

And this is Sean saying goodbye to Alexis as he heads out to get in position for the ceremony.

peace out

Alexis had THE best bridesmaids ever!  As they were getting ready, one girl realized that the seamstress had left a pin in her chest area.  She pulled out the pin only to see the dart on her dress split, exposing her bra!  The seamstress forgot to sew the darts!  Right at that moment, another BM across the room says, “Hey, there’s a needle in my dress!”  And you could just hear the slow motion, “Nooooooo, doooon’t pull it oooout!”  Turns out, all of their dresses chest were held together by straight pins, but they all handled it on their own.  Not a drop of the stress was leaked to Alexis.  And then another BM as she sat down felt her dress split in the back.  The zipper came apart!  Luckily, she was able to find a dry cleaners in the yellow pages who was able to help her fix it right before the ceremony.  Now those are true friends!  Again, evidence of the strong relationships and love.

Here’s another evidence of her BM taking care of her – she’s hiding tissue in Alexis’ bouquet before the ceremony.  How thoughtful, isn’t it?!

flickr alexissean_0352 copy

And finally, the ceremony.  The handsome guy’s procession:


Alexis was walked down the aisle by both her father and mother:

flickr alexissean_0481 copy

getting married

I wanted to tear too when I saw Sean’s father tearing!  I captured his mom tearing too, but since I grew up with a “tough/always-under-control” father, it is always especially touching for me to see a father cry.


I just love how she looks at him and how he makes her laugh…

look of lovehe makes her laugh


sand ceremony

Closing prayer:

a prayer

Ah, and now you may kiss the bride!

first kissmr. & mrs.

Presenting the Mr. & Mrs.  I love their expressions!

mr. & mrs.

Jumping over the broom.

jumping over the broom

Check out the gorgeous reception setup!



Touching speaches:

flickr alexissean_1062 copy

And their shocking/untraditional/steamy first dance.  Alexis pulled Sean in the chair and gave him a hot lap dance.  I love his reaction here:

first dance

And the moment when I realized that it was all choreographed and planned was when the music changed and Sean jumped out of his seat and grabbed her to dance with him.

first dance

And then they grabbed the rest of their wedding party & parents to join in at the end.  This is how their first dance ended and how the party began.

first dance

Sean & Alexis, I wish you all the best as you begin this new chapter together.  May you always continue to have fun together and be surrounded by love like on your wedding day.

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Cindy - July 31, 2008 - 12:33 am

wow I love this wedding! Great job in capturing all the details and moments!

ctandsn - July 31, 2008 - 5:19 pm

beautiful C. love how you captured all the best moments!

christeena P - August 2, 2008 - 10:14 pm

wow, these are gorgeous pics!! and what a beautiful couple!

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