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American Idol & Solar 4R Schools

This is totally wedding UNrelated, but I am so proud of one of my best friends, Janet.  She has the biggest heart and totally does not give herself enough credit.  Last year, one of the grants she wrote was to BP to start up an energy efficient club/class.  She split the class into groups, with seniors mentoring the lowerclassmen.  One of the clubs gave out CFLs to several families, and then compared their energy bill before and after.  Another group, led by Chris, got solar panels donated to the school!!  What an accomplishment for a high school senior!

Solar 4R Schools got Fox Broadcasting Company to donate the 8 solar panels that they used during last season’s American Idol red carpet finale.  Then Bonneville and E-Village took care the the installation and a kiosk to track the energy that the panels are making.  There’s even a live online tracking!

Last week, CNHS hosted an event to kick off the solar panels.  The American Idols contestants who were voted off last week, Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds, attended to help commemorate this event.

camino verde

Councilmen Eric Garcetti came too!


As thank you, Camino Verde gave Anoop and Lil little solar cars.

solar car

I caught Eric Garcetti taking a photo of Chris while he was giving his speech.  How cool is that for Chris!  Eric even gave Chris a card after.  Chris is going to go so far!

eric, chris and students

That’s Janet on the right.  I love her.  I admire her so much more than she’ll ever know.

chris with the idols

The idols then stayed after to give out autographs, though Janet is really the biggest idol I know.


You can see the article about this on LA Times.

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